It is the year 220 in the Kingdom of Esuonia. The brave men of Selland to the north have pushed back the wild magics and rampaging beasts of the Savagelands, while the vicious wars to the south have ceased, as the area has fallen under the rule of iron-fisted Emperor Velgard. The civil war on the Plain of Swords ended in 211, with the barbarians there conceding their dangerous magics in exchange for peace, earning Esuonia’s leader the moniker Esuon the Good.

The damage wreaked by the monsters of the Savagelands has all but been forgotten, save for children’s songs, the stories of the few old veterans who fought that terrible war, and the upper echelons of politics. Arcane magic has been deemed illegal in Esuonia ever since those days, leading to a growth in research and technologies that the surrounding kingdoms do not possess.

Indeed, the struggle over magic is the crux of most major disputes involving Esuonia. The frontier cities in the north rely on the trade of magical items discovered in the Savagelands to power their economies, which leak into Esuonia via the free city of Freetun. Little is known of Emperor Velgard but that he must be a sorceror of incredible power; even then, the legends that surround his name must be exaggerated. Regardless, the southern border is heavily guarded. Esuonia has been handed two devastating defeats at the hands of the Freetun’s protector, the kingdom of Belia.

Yet the scholars and authorities of Esuonia maintain that this concentration of magic is precisely what drew in the Savagelands in the first place. Afraid that Freetun will draw doom toward the kingdom, the lords have agreed to crack down on magical dealings of all sorts, and rumours of a greater war swirl about….

In particular, the bay city of Yunn has been siezed by a spate of witch hunts, with seven burned at the stake in the last two months. Peasants tread fearfully even in public places, and the city guard routinely imposes a curfew. It is in this context that our adventure begins….


The Haunting of Sulpich Wood