Capital: Gumholt

Races: Primarily human, goblin, dwarf; assorted members of other races

Government: Frontier land, towns mostly govern themselves. There is an elected central government, but most think it is highly corrupt, effectively a bureaucratic dictatorship. Divided into semi-autonomous political regions with appointed officials to collect taxes and enforce laws.

Justice: Crime is rampant in some regions, while justice is swift and brutal in others. Rudimentary court system, but often corrupt.

Economy: free market/black market. Driven largely by illegal goods coming in from the Savagelands and spending of adventuring parties heading there. Also gold, lumber, silver, fishing, entertainment, grain farming.


Belia – a self-governing region which is nominally part of Selland, originally established to look over Freetun. Trade is rare since the Savagelands encroachment due to lack of infrastructure.

Gimland – trade is primarily smuggling of rare artifacts, which leads to occasional Gimlandian military incursions. Strained relations with border regions, good relations with central government.

Esuonia – Esuonia heavily patrols the border, occasionally launching assaults into Selland territory to attack criminal organizations.

Terrain: fertile delta on coast, magic-imbued Savagelands to the north, mostly coniferous forest and hilly. The inland gets very cold in winter, with significant snow hindering travel.

Religion: varied

Social order: primarily democratic (but corrupt), no slavery, all intelligent races have equal status, women have equal status

Technology: Highly magic-oriented due to readily available magic supplies. Non-magical technologies not used widely in other states include: a system for linking of farm irrigation systems to centralized town water supplies, specialized sluices for gold/silver mining, and a new process for producing parchment.


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