Sir Walther

A decorated hero of Esuonia, Sir Walther has risen to second in command of the Yunn guard. He is well-known amongst the people of Yunn as being a fair arbiter of disputes.


32 years of age, tall, strong, and deeply tanned, Sir Walther first made his name as a squire in the Esuonian [[civil war]]. When his lord’s unit was surrounded deep in enemy territory, and with several important nobles wounded or dead, Walther’s brilliant tactics saved the day. He won three victories in the space of a week, the third of these being credited as a small turning point in the war. The Battle of Lucien Chasm is widely discussed (and revered) by historians and drunkards alike. Indeed, a toymaker in [[Vi]] has begun marketing a game based on it.

In 215, he was a captain in the forces that attempted to capture Freetun. Although the Esuonian forces were ultimately defeated, Walther’s forces managed to breach the gates of [[Belia]], the first to do so in the nearly 200 year history of the fortress. From Belia, they captured among others [[Lady Miribelle]], who would one year later become Sir Walther’s wife.

Walther currently resides in [[Yunn]], a [[Knight]] of the Earth Order and second in command of the city guard. However, the King’s Force has recently taken control of much of the daily operation of the security, making the bulk of the guard’s duty as manning the increasingly full prison. Walther disagrees with their tactics and policies, and is one of the few in any position to publicly voice his opinion.

In addition to his impressive stature, Walther is easily identified by large scar across his face, suffered at the Second Battle of Gumholt. While on anyone else, one would consider this a disfiguration, Walther wears it with pride, and most women agree that it makes him all the more dashing. His body armour is a shade of pale yellow with black ridges, and his war armour includes leggings of deep blue. (Normally this is worn only on ceremonial occasions.) In daily life, he can be found wearing well-cut but casual clothing. At all occasions outside the home, he wears a pair of well-worn black boots, much to the amusement of some of the more refined members of society.

Sir Walther

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